Saskatchewan Good Sam


8am                                      Gates on for parking

9am-4pm                             Rally Registration

Noon-4pm                           Information Table

1pm-5pm                             50/50 Ticket Sales

1pm-5pm                             Good Sam Stores

1pm-4pm                             Sign up for games, craft and Vendor tables, Jam session, Golf, Rally choir, Ladies Social, Tours

1pm-4pm                            VIP Banquet Table Ticket Sales

2pm-3pm                            Hospitality Coffee Break

3pm-4pm                            Tour and Seminar Signup only

6pm                                     Flag Assembly and Opening Ceremonies

6:30pm                               Opening Ceremonies and Memorial Service

8:30pm                               Ice Cream Social


8am                                    Gates open for parking

8:30am-10am                     Tour and Seminar Sign-up

8:30am-10am                     Signup for craft and vendor sales

8:30am-10am                     Wagon Masters meeting

9am-Noon                          Rally Registration

9am-Noon                          Good Sam Stores

9am-4pm                            50/50 Ticket Sales

9am-3pm                            Information Table

8:30am-Noon                     Ladder Golf

8:30am-10am                     Samgo (Bingo)

9:30am-4pm                      Raffle

10am-11am                        Hospitality Coffee Break

10:30-Noon                        Cribbage

10:30am-Noon                   1st Timers meeting

1pm-4pm                           VIP Banquet Table Ticket Sales

1pm-4pm                           Bean Bag Toss

1pm-2:30pm                      Seminar

​2:30pm-3:30pm                 Hospitality Coffee Break

7pm-9pm                           Jam Session

7pm-9pm                           Chapter Presidents and Directors Meeting


8am                                    Golf

8:30am-10am                    Samgo (Bingo)

9am-Noon                         Good Sam Stores

9am-Noon                         Craft and Vendor Table Sales

9am-4pm                           50/50 Ticket Sales

9am-Noon                         Tours

9:30-4pm                           Raffle

9:30-Noon                         Next Years Rally Registration

10am-11am                       Hospitality Coffee Break

10:30-Noon                       Cribbage

10:30-Noon                       Seminar

1:30pm-3pm                     Tour

1:30pm-3:30pm                Ladies Social

4pm-5:30pm                     VIP Banquet Ticket Sales

4pm-5:30pm                     Rally Happy Hour

5pm-7pm                          Supper (minimal cost)

7pm-11pm                        Entertainment


8am-9:30am                     Pancake Breakfast

9am-4pm                          50/50 Ticket Sales

9:30am-11am                   Next Years Rally Registration

9:30am-11am                   Raffle

9:30am-10:30am              Pet Parade

11am-3:30pm                   Scavenger Hunt

2pm -                                Arena closed for Banquet preparation

4:30pm                             Reception (Cash Bar)

5:30pm                             Banquet

7pm-8pm                          Break for Chapter Pictures

8pm-11pm                        Entertainment


8am-9am                         Hospitality Coffee Break

9am-10:15am                  Interfaith Service and Closing Cermonies

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Below is an outline of the activities that go on at a Rally each day.  This is for information purposes only and IS NOT to be taken as correct.  As you will note there is a lot happening, most of which is free with your registration which is under $200 including minimal power.